Horse (H) Series

Our Horse (H) Series whisks are 34" in length and combine a variety of materials and colors to create a beautiful, functional fly whisk with a touch of whimsy!  Each whisk features a genuine leather strap, padded comfort grip, natural cotton cording and 100% natural horsehair accented with brass, silver or colored beading.  Priced at $110.

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Pony (P) Series

Our Pony (P) Series whisks are 24" in length and a designed with the younger rider in mind.  Each whisk is built with the same combination of quality materials and craftsmanship as their full size relatives, with a bit more emphasis on playfulness in color combinations and beading choices.  These whisks are sized to reach the parts of a pony most vulnerable to flying and biting pesks!  Priced at $90.

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Signature (S) Series

Our Signature (S) Series whisks are one-of-a-kind designs by Owner Kim von Paris built to appeal to the horse lover who appreciates quality, craftsmanship and originality.  S Series whisks feature accents of colored horsehair, beaded straps, unusual knobs and whimsical charms all combined to delight the eye while taking care of business!

Contact us to request current inventory and pricing.

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Hunt Club Series

Our Hunt Club Series whisks are designed and built specifically for your Club.  Club "colors" are incorporated into the design and an original Club button is used to accent the whisk and identify it as uniquely crafted for you and your Club members.  Additionally, for every whisk sold, a percentage of the proceeds is returned to your Club as a donation in support of your Hounds.

The Marlborough Hunt Club Series (M-Series) Whisk incorporates the Clubs traditional colors of Dubonet and White and an original brass MHC button.

Contact us with your ideas and preferences and we will provide a quote.

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Custom (C) Whisks

Our Custom (C) whisks are one-of-a kind whisks designed by you. Whether you want to create a unique gift for a friend using her favorite colors or want to remember your favorite four legged friend, we can build that very special whisk together.

"Blue" was the name of a wonderful gray horse who's owner wanted to remember him forever.  We created the whisk shown above using his tail hair and (of course!) a blue accent.  Blue's name is engraved on the handle.

Contact us with your ideas and preferences and we will provide a quote.

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Whisk-y Business is About Quality Craftsmanship ... and a Little Bit of Fun!

I started Whisk-y Business because I wanted a fly whisk that was beautiful, well made and had just a touch of "bling".  After searching local tack shops, on-line retailers and consignment stores, I came to the conclusion that what I was looking for just didn't exist!  What's a girl to do?  The obvious answer to my question was to just make it myself!

Simple though it sounds, it took months of trial and error to develop a whisk prototype that satisfied all of my criterion: quality materials,  durable construction and beauty.  I then did a bit of quality control research and adjusted things further to ensure that each whisk is comfortable to carry.  Finally, I did what every self respecting entrepreneur does - I sold my first whisks to some of my friends who I could count on to give me honest feedback!

I am happy to report that my friends were honest, and with their help my whisks now meet my original standards.  Each whisk that I create is built from scratch using only the highest quality components assembled to maximize durability and beauty. The horsehair is looped and then attached to the handle and reinforced in such a way to prevent hair loss over time.  The beads are strung on good quality beading wire capable of supporting weight many times that of the whisks. The whisk is then engraved with its’ own ID (indicating the design series and production number) and finished with a crystal clear protective finish to minimize wear over time. 

My philosophy is that beauty and function can go hand in hand.  My hope is that I can delight my customers with a product that is as unique as they are.  My goal is to craft fly whisks that each of my customers can enjoy for years to come!  

Kimberley T. von Paris

Pony Whisks
Pony Whisks

How can I get my own Whisk-y Business Original?

Contact me with your ideas and questions.  We have a number of whisks in stock, or we can work with you to create your own unique whisk.  Let's get started...