Kim & Bo
Kim & Bo

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that beauty and function can go hand in hand. A simple tool like a fly whisk does not have to be boring or poorly made.  A Whisk-y Business fly whisk elevates function to art and is built to stand up to years of use.  The playful use of "bling", colorful beads and horsehair please the eye while setting you apart in a world which prizes uniformity.  My hope is that I can delight my customers with a product that is as unique as they are.  My goal is to craft fly whisks that each of my customers can enjoy for years to come!

My Story

I never planned to go into the business of creating beautiful, high quality fly whisks when I left Harvard Business School 100 years ago!  The idea came to me on a hot and humid summer day while trail riding my friend Bo.  The flies were horrible and the overpriced whisk I was trying to scare them with had lost all but about 10 individual hairs.  I thought “I can make a better quality, more attractive whisk!”  After much trial and error - I did.

Whisk-y Business was born!  I have combined my creative bent, business background and love of horses to create a unique product that is both functional and beautiful - and I make my customers smile!  What could be better?


My Background

Like many women I know, my infatuation with horses started at a young age. I was 8 when my family and I moved from "in town" to a rural part of Maryland, and my sister and I pestered our father mercilessly until he broke down and bought us each a pony.  My pony Bonnet was extremely naughty, but despite her efforts to knock and scrape me off using any available low hanging tree branch or fence post, I stuck with it!

Over the next 10 years and thru a variety of ponies and horses, I learned how to ride, care for and love my equine partners.  I belonged to the local pony and 4-H clubs and did a lot of cowgirl-ing around bareback, as well as fox-hunting, participating in gymkhanas, hunter trials and local horse shows.

At the age of 18, I pretty much stopped riding when I went off to college at Cornell University where I got a BA in Economics in 1980.  After getting my MBA from Harvard Business School in 1984, I spent the next ~15 years working and after that raising my two children.  I began riding again shortly after my daughter finally wore me down (sound familiar?) and started taking riding lessons. I had resisted her pleas for years knowing how all consuming horses could be and that I was likely to fall back in love with the sport and go “all-in” myself.  Truer words were never spoken!

I have spent the years since I started riding again making up for all of that time out of the saddle.  I have done quite a bit of showing in the Hunter world, and several years ago decided to go back to my roots.  I currently enjoy fox-hunting, eventing and an occasional hunter pace.  I am having more fun than should be legal for a 60-something year old woman to have and loving every minute of it!

Starting Whisk-y Business has been a labor of love and a wonderful way to meet other horse crazy people like myself!

Next Steps...

Take a few minutes and look at some of the whisks we have built for individuals like yourself.  Send us an email with your thoughts and ideas and let's get started...